The Significance of Erich Fromm for the Present

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«All relatedness experiences that strengthen a person’s own physical, mental and spiritual abilities are conducive to human success. Only by exercising one’s own physical powers is one able to move and develop strength. The same holds true for his mental powers: Inasmuch as one is able to think, feel, judge and imagine things by one’s own mental powers, one is autonomous, free and independent of external forces.» (Rainer Funk)

Rainer Funk, Erich Fromm’s last scientific collaborator and administrator of his literary estate, answers a total of 100 questions posed by Hamid Lechhab. The conversation introduces the wide spectrum of Erich Fromm’s scientific and humanistic thought in order to make his findings meaningful to the present. The focus is on the social psychology developed by Fromm, with which it is possible to explain how technical, economic, and social changes affect the mental striving of human beings and lead either to more freedom and self-determination or to more dependence and being determined by others.

Dr. Rainer Funk lives in Tübingen (Germany) and is a psychoanalyst and Erich Fromm’s Literary Executor. He is editing Fromm’s writings and is the director of the Erich Fromm Institute in Tübingen which houses Fromm’s library and literary estate as well as a huge collection of secondary literature on Fromm. In the last decade he analyzed a new social character orientation that is enthusiastic about constructing reality anew but suffers from an unconscious unbounded self. His last book publication in English is an introduction to the life and work of Erich Fromm. It was published in 2019 with Bloomsbury under the title «Life Itself Is an Art».

Dr. Hamid Lechhab was born in Morocco in 1962 and there he studied philosophy and psychology. In Paris, he completed his studies in psychology and education with a doctorate. Since 1990 he has been living in Vorarlberg, Austria, and working in the area of youth work. For his great commitment as a translator and bringing cultures into a dialogue with each other, he received the Erich Fromm Prize in 2004 and the Gerhard-von-Cremona Honorary Prize in Toledo in 2019.



Funk, Rainer

Lechhab, Hamid