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Buchgestaltung seit 1990, nun veröffentliche ich selber, was würdig und recht erscheint.
Designing books since 1990, now making my own rules — I only publish stuff I love.
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Recently I started to read Blues People by LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka) and the first lines describe pretty well my feelings when I started my own publishing company.

From the Introduction to Blues People: Looking Both Ways:
„Blues People has always meant a great deal to me. It was a dramatic self-confirmation, as a personal intellectual and artistic „presence“, but also as the expression of a set of ideas and measures that I have carried with me for years. Most, even until today.
First, the book had a presence, even in my own head, of weightiness, that is, it rapidly acquired a gravity as it emerged and certainly when completed, in the sense that even though I was admittedly and very open shooting from the hip but like Billy the Kid, when he hit the target without aiming, I had been aiming for a long time before I reached for the machine. And there was a thrill to see my own ideas roll out, not always as „precisely stated“ as would be the case later; still they were forceful enough to convince me that I did know something about this music I have loved all my life.“