From My Life

An autobiography. From Prague to Theresienstadt to Sydney.
155 x 225mm   160 Pages   b/w   Hardcover   Ribbon  
Language: English
ISBN 978-3-903893-01-6

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Here is the story of Edith Sheldon, born in 1927 Prague as Edita Druckerova. Hers is a true-to-life narrative of a Jewish middle-class family in Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic). Edith tells her family’s story from before World War I, through the 1930s’ Great Depression, and then her and her mother‘s own desperate survival and then liberation from the Theresien­stadt Ghetto during World War II. After the war, her experiences under the new Communist regime encouraged Edith’s choice to emigrate to Sydney Australia where she established a new and happier life.
These are undeniably fascinating, clear words of an eyewitness to history.

(I am grateful for having the chance to produce this book with such a compelling, captivating and charming woman. This was the starting point for publishing myself)


    We gratefully acknowledge your gracious donation to our collection. Your book: «From my Life», constitutes an important contribution to our library. Your donation is particularly welcome because our library not only seeks to serve its readers today, but is a repository for published and book-form information about the Holocaust and related events for the generations to come.

    Yad Vashem

    On behalf of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, I would like to thank you for your donation of your biography, «From my life». Your donation will enrich the Library’s collection of materials on the history of the Holocaust. Researchers and scholars using the Library will no doubt benefit from this addition.

    US Holocaust Museum

    I just finished your fascinating book. These horrible years in Teresin I could take in small doses - from what I was able to imagine, this was a life-changing horror, in a way, life changing for me - from mere reading. You were forcibly re-wired then. I begin to grasp where your energy for life gets its fuel from. The years from Paris onwards I’ve read in one sitting. And admire you truly. Wasted years…

    From a reader

    It's so interesting and very moving to see the photographs and to read all the facts you remember, I'm very happy you did so. It is important for the next generation to hear from concrete and close family member what really happened on last century.

    From a reader

    I just finished reading your book, Thank you for writing it. I learned from it about things I did not know, mostly about the situation in Terezin after we left in the fall of 1944 and of course also about your life after the war. But most of all was impressed by your accomplishments, your perseverance and ability to overcome so many difficulties. I am sure that I would not have had the energy and resourcefulness to do what you have done.

    From a Reader


Sheldon, Edith

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Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-3-903893-01-6
Format 155 x 225mm
Seitenzahl 160 Pages
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